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Carex pansa (California Meadow Sedge) - El Nativo Growers- hand soap liquid carex pansa mowed lawns with landscaping with rocks ,Great lawn substitute. Similar to Carex praegracilis but has wider foliage and only grows to 8". From our experience, C. pansa develops a brown look to it in the summer. It will not harm it. If unsightly cut back. Tolerates drought but will not stay as dense/lush, in extreme drought reduce/go dormant. If given regular water, will stay green and lush. Spreads slowly by runners …Lawn Alternatives - MarylandJun 14, 2019·Lawn Alternatives. June 14, 2019. Upland oaks and poverty oatgrass (Danthonia spicata), parasol sedge (Carex umbellata), lichens, mosses and diminutive wildflowers in Arlington, Virginia. Photo by R.H. Simmons. For many years, the American lawn has been viewed as a status symbol. Traditional lawns, described as a single warm season grass ...

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Jun 28, 2016·Carex sedge plants are light feeders that require little if any fertilizer. Unlike lawn grasses that need regular applications of high-nitrogen fertilizer, Carex would prefer an annual feeding in late spring or early winter with a natural or organic plant food. Alternatively, a slow-release low-nitrogen fertilizer can be used.

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Carex pansa, pacific dune sedge Origin: Monterey County, Asilomar Life Cycle: perennial, rhizomitous and bunching, warm season Size: 1.5-2.5 feet tall Water requirements: Low Sun requirements: Part shade - full sun Use(s): Meadow, riparian, …

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Mix-ups and Misnomers. Most of the horticultural material available as dune sedge, sand-dune sedge, California meadow sedge, or Western meadow sedge was collected from California coastal dunes and fits well within the limits of Carex praegracilis.However, it is possible that true C. pansa may be available from some Pacific Northwest growers.. For over one hundred …

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Common Name: SEDGE FAMILY Habit: Annual, perennial herb, often rhizomed or stoloned, often of wet open places; roots fibrous; monoecious, dioecious, or flowers bisexual.Stem: generally 3-sided, generally solid.Leaf: generally 3-ranked; base sheathing, sheath generally closed, ligule generally 0; blade (0 or) linear, parallel-veined.Inflorescence: spikelets generally arranged in …

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TO LAWNS Deva Luna 408-871-2792. California Native Garden ... EarthCare Landscaping DUNE SEDGE (Carex pansa) ... Carex pansa mowed as lawn Relaxed attitude around perfection/change Bunching or running grass? Mixed with flowers?

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A durable spreading sedge which can be used as a lawn substitute or unmowed meadow. Growing 8 -12 inches tall and spreading by rhizomes to form dense colonies of curling dark green foliage. The foliage is evergreen in mild climates and grows well in full sun to partial shade with regular to occasional water. Too much drought causes summer dormancy.

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Transitional Landscape, San Francisco The free-form flagstone walk leads from the living room through the Carex lawn to a carved stone water feature on the left, and a raised patio and arbor on the right. Photo, Chris Jacobson, GardenArt group Inspiration for a small transitional partial sun backyard stone landscaping in San Francisco for summer.

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About Sand Dune Sedge (Carex pansa) 45 Nurseries Carry This Plant. Add to My Plant List; Dune sedge is a member of the Cyperaceae (Sedge) family native to the coast of western North America from British Columbia to California, where it grows in scattered locations on dunes and other sandy habitats. It tends to grow in wetlands or moist places.

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Water Requirements: New plantings: Newly set up Carex pansa plantings ought to be watered as expected to avert drying out. Particularly in sandy soils, carex pansa ought to be kept adequately soggy until established into the local soil. With legitimate supplements, new plantings of Carex pansa will establish in 7-14 days depending on the season of year.

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Once established and mowed, a Carex pansa IdealMow lawn alternative will become a unified matt. Photo: Orly Olivier

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SKU. CAR-PAN-93978. This is a beautiful, spreading, evergreen, native perennial grass, which can be used as a lawn alternative. This species is botanically distinct from Carex praegracilis, but the two are frequently confused based on their overall appearance. The primary difference is that Carex pansa is better adapted to sandy soil, whereas ...

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Carex pansa. California meadow grass. This is a low, spreading evergreen sedge native to coastal northern California. It can be left to form a mounding meadow or mowed once or twice a year for a lawn effect that fills in quickly …

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Carex pansa California Meadow Sedge This native Carex can be successfully used as a lawn substitute but requires significant water to obtain good coverage. Once coverage is reached, water can be reduced and maintenance is close to zero. Unmowed, the plant can be used effectively in a variety of

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Aug 24, 2013·Step 2: Spread a layer of compost. After digging out the grass, my family helped me spread several inches of composted soil (I think we used Hill Country Garden Mix from The Natural Gardener ). We raked it smooth to break up any clods of dirt and kept excess soil pulled away from the root flares of existing trees.

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An alternative to turf grass. Dune sedge can grow up to a foot tall and spreads by rhizomes. It prefers more water than other grasses and will go partially dormant in summer without additional watering. When the grass goes dormant in the late summer or fall you can mow before new growth emerges.

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Carex Pansa: The natural lawn Transitional Landscape, San Francisco A South African Restio separates two pieces of art .. the water feature on the right comes from Living Green in San Francisco, and the perched figure on the left is from Vietnam.

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Feb 22, 2011·A hardy perennial groundcover, Carex pansa spreads by a rhizome, forming a solid carpet of green that soon becomes impenetrable by most weeds. In the garden, it can be mowed periodically to keep it tidy (as in the planter box pictured right); or just let the blades grow to their full lengths of 18" for the "wild meadow" look.

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Carex pansa is a species of sedge known by the common name sand dune sedge.It is native to coast of western North America from British Columbia to California, where it grows in dunes and other sandy habitat. This grasslike sedge produces sharply triangular stems up to about 40 centimeters tall from a network of thin, long, coarse rhizomes.The inflorescence is a cluster of …